Paul Redman

At the age of 6, Paul’s first boat was a Heron Dinghy, a mirror dinghy with a bow!  As confidence and experienced increased, he progressed to sailing a Swift dinghy catamaran, then a Shearwater dinghy catamaran and onto Tornado dinghy catamarans.  This led to a 34′ racing cat (just a large Tornado).

Paul was also involved in the development of the first Isometric racing cat – very fast and very light – which could fly a hull in 15 knots, and had also owned and sailed a 60′ trimaran.

While working with Prout Catamarans Paul sailed numerous miles with several Atlantic crossings in a Quest 31, Snowgoose 37, Quasar 50 – all safe and stable cruising catamarans.  Over his careers, Paul has sailed in many areas of the world, from Norway and Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, the French Channel coast, the Mediterranean, through the French Canals, the Atlantic Coast of Spain, Portugal, Madeira, the Azores, Canaries and the Caribbean.

My Sessions

World Cruising Club multihull forum

World Cruising Club are organising a panel discussion with panelists who have taken their own catamarans across oceans and around the world.  The forum is free to attend, but as places are limited, you will need to register in advance. The discussion will cover choosing the right boat, safety, blue water cruising essentials and more. […]