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Broadblue 345 and 385 catamarans

Broadblue 345

Introduced in 2008, the 345 model is revered as the “Tardis” of small catamarans with it’s accommodation comprising 2m headroom, sleeping for 8, 2 x heads and shower, and a galley most 40ft catamarans would envy. Stepping aboard the 345, most people find it hard to believe she is only 33ft 6” long. Although her most obvious quality is her fantastic use of space, that is replaced when underway by the surprise of her sailing performance.

With hulls and rig designed by the racing multihull specialists Dazcat, this is a catamaran with great performance for her size. Average passage speeds well over 10 knots and upto 17 knots when surfing have all been reported by excited owners on this model.

Broadblue 385

The 385 is our most popular model for long distance cruising and combines ease of handling with robust construction, modern hull form, quality craftsmanship and elegant joinery.

Designed for single or short-hand sailing and achieves this by combining a smaller mainsail and larger headsails with all lines led aft to the cockpit.  All sail handling can be done without needing to venture away from the cockpit.  The 385 is built to the highest level of European Recreational Craft Directive: Category A (Ocean) and is built using the highest standard materials.

Our 385 customers have circumnavigated the World, enjoyed cruising around the Caribbean, Mediterranean and British Virgin Islands to name but a few and always lived the dream!