Yachting World Dazcat review

Yachting World’s technical editor Toby Hodges tested the Dazcat 1495 in Plymouth.

Here’s an excerpt – read the full review online You can see the Dazcat 1495 and her little sister the new 1295 at the 2017 Portsmouth Harbour Multihull Show

“The adrenalin ride of the day came when the asymmetric was hoisted in flatter water. Our run parallel to the breakwater to leeward ensured we kept a hot angle. Hissy Fit took off and felt alive, intoxicating even as we reached at 15-19 knots, occasionally nudging 20 knots.

It was the ease with which these speeds are reached that most impressed me. When sailing large multihulls at such speeds in the past, I have found that vigilant hands and eyes are needed on the sheets and traveller.

Yet aboard Hissy Fit, speed was echoed by stability, something you can feel through the direct helms. Should you need to depower quickly, the sheet winches are located close beside both helms and the traveller winches just behind. The Dazcat 1495 is designed to be easy to manage short-handed.”

Read more at http://www.yachtingworld.com/reviews/boat-tests/dazcat-1495-boat-test-a-cutting-edge-catamaran#jCjdBbRJ2gLGHQ55.99